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 “Mister Perfect.”
Who Your Man Hangs Out With Can Say A Lot About Him
You’ve just started dating a guy who you deem as “Mister Perfect.” Everything seems to be moving along as it should in your relationship, and then comes the most important step. And no, I am not talking about the “Meet the Parents” step, although equally important to you, but to him “Meeting the Bros” is a crucial step to whether or not you two will continue into “coupledom.” So, what happens when you don’t like his friends? And what red flags should you be looking out for?

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 They Don’t Respect Women
I shouldn’t have to say that you deserve respect. And the man you are dating should respect you. But, when you notice while hanging out with him and his friends that they 1. Talk lewd about women in front of you, 2. Talk about their sexual conquests in front of you while knowing it makes you uncomfortable, and 3. Basically talk about women like objects, then beware. He could be one of the “douchebag tribe,” and you may just be another notch on his belt. Or, he has had this group of friends since childhood, and they haven’t grown-up yet. Even so, if you tell him how his friend’s behavior makes you uncomfortable, and he defends his friends over making sure you are respected, then he is not worth it. Sadly, his friendships will be sabotaging his relationships with women, and he won’t even know it till all his friends grow-up and have wives, and he is stuck in “singledom.”

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 They Are Party Boys
Don’t get me wrong–dating a guy who has friends that like to go out and like you to join them can be a LOT of fun. But, when they expect your man to party with them all the time, like he did before he met you when he was single, that is NOT cool. I’m not saying to be possessive of your man, that will just push him back into the loving arms of his bros. If you make it clear to him that you want to spend time with him without the party boys, and he is all about partying with his boys, then he obviously isn’t looking to commit to something serious with you. Cut the ties before he does something stupid and ends up hurting you. Putting up with a “party boy” is stressful, and you will be in constant competition with his friends, always. When you are honest with your man and tell him how his friends are affecting your relationship, and he doesn’t do anything but defend them, then it’s clearly time to move on! Trust me, it’s not fun being “that” girl who is accused of keeping him from his friends, or to be “that” girl who comes second to his friends. And if he is “Mister Perfect,” then he will realize his friends are doing more damage than good in his life, and won’t let a great woman out of his grasp.

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